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USA HOCKEY registration numbers are due!!!  Please send your registration number to your coach, or to our registrar, Kelly Blake.  This is an absolute "MUST DO" prior to taking ice!!!

Registration News: High School Development, for girls and boys, and U14 girls registrations will be posted soon.  Thank you for your patience while we bring these fantastic programs online.

High School Development Program

New this season, KYHC will be offering a development program for players in 9th through 12th grade looking to improve their skills prior to the upcoming high school hockey season. This program will run September 13th to November 12th and will include two on-ice and one off-ice practice per week and one house league game per weekend. Under this new format, KYHC will not be offering a spit midget program this season. The program will be capped 52 participants.

Cost will be $500 for skaters, $300 for goalies - jersey included! This offers each participate at least 27 ice hits for roughly $18 per session. A tremendous value and fantastic opportunity to fine tune your skills necessary to be competetive in today's game!

Registration for this program will be posted to our website in the coming days...

Greg Carter's European Hockey School

Keene Ice is excited to announce that the Greg Carter School will be making its way to us this Summer, August 15th-19th! Details are still being worked out, but please check out their website as details will be posted soon!

Greg Carter's European Hockey School is a Massachusetts based camp that travels around the country providing a modern aged designed program in which helps develop skating, stick handling, and shooting techniques through an intense on ice hockey program in which has worked for 22 years. It is an individual skill development camp that will help progress further any hockey skaters abilities, in a fashion that all ages will enjoy. The coaching staff will also help develop confidence on the ice by not only pushing each skater but supporting each step along the way in a positive manner.

KYHC Referee-In-Chief

KYHC Referee-In-Chief Ken McGee (aka: Skip) has taken a new job in North Carolina recently which will leave his position open for 2016/2017 hockey season . If anyone is interested in this position please contact any board member. Below is a job description. The executive board will appoint one of the volunteers at our next meeting 5/02/2016. Thank you
The Referee-In-Chief shall be responsible for the conduct and behavior of all referees used by KYHC. He/she shall be responsible for identifying and obtaining qualified referees for all home games. Other duties include maintaining a current list of referees relative to their patched level as well as identifying potential referee candidates and assisting them in acquiring AHAU certification as required by state league rules.


Dear Cobras,

The deadline for registration has recently passed and unfortunately it is clear that there are some issues with our registration process.  We knew going into this new process that we would have some challenges but we still feel we will prevail in a better place once we get through this.  However I’d like to take a moment to touch on some key issues and how we can get to that very place.

First let’s discuss the USA Hockey registration.  This annual requirement, which is currently $47, is due prior to any skater gets on the ice.  Our ice time traditionally starts in September so in the past we didn’t ask for this registration until late summer.  This year we were asking for the USA Hockey registration to be completed prior to registering with us for a couple of reasons.  First, along with our Code of Conduct and Medical History and Consent to Treat forms, this would be built into our registration process as a one-step process.  Previously your forms were submitted in several different methods which was very difficult to track.  The new system makes this much easier to track and validate.  We have come to understand that this “sooner-than-expected” fee has poor timing as many of our parents are having to finalize their taxes and may find themselves having to write a check to Uncle Sam.  Therefore we quickly changed this to be an optional step.  You can now simply click the “continue” button when prompted to enter your USA Hockey registration number.

Secondly, many of you were shocked to see the additional processing fee tacked on to your Cobra registration.  The only thing new about these fees is that they are now levied onto the customer rather than the club.  In the past, when we used PayPal, the club was being billed for anyone who paid online versus mailing a check, and the bill was the equivalent of almost six sheets of ice.  These fees can be avoided by selecting the “Pay Offline” option during checkout.

Additionally we received feedback that this option was not clearly outlined in the registration process.  For this reason, any member who has already registered and was not aware that paying offline incurred no processing fee will be entitled to a full refund and be allowed to re-register with the “pay offline” option.  If you are interested in this offer, please send an email request to and I will personally issue you a full refund, cancel your registration including any payment arrangements you may have selected, and notify you via email when you can re-register your child.

Another change I am currently working on is adding more flexible payment plan options.  I would like our club members to be able to make payments in the amounts that they chose, as long as deadlines are met.  I hope to roll this out soon and be able to make accommodations as needed before the next installment is due.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition.  Rest assured that next year will be much smoother!  In the meantime, I am open to your suggestions and welcome your feedback.

Thank you,

Josh Jarvis
President, KYHC

Registration and Placement Fee Deadline Today

Today, April 15, 2016, is the Registration and Placement Fee deadline. Please use the online registration button in the menu above to Register for the 2016-2017 Season.  You can also pay your $150 placement fee online through this same process.  If you prefer to pay offline you may mail your check to the address below, or give our payment to Kelly Blake or Gregg Crisp. Gregg will be at 2nd Wind Sporting Goods on 540 Main St in Keene.  



Keene, NH 03431






Hello Cobras!

Now that our 2015-16 season has concluded, we can focus on looking forward to 2016-17. As you may have noticed there have been a few changes to our club, the first being the election of this year's board of directors. Please visit our website ( to view the board members and their respective responsibilities.

Secondly, we have discontinued our Learn to Play (LTP) and house programs so that we can focus purely on travel hockey. These discontinued programs will merge into the offerings provided by Keene ICE. It is fair to say that hockey in the Keene region is growing strongly - this is fantastic!

Another change that we've adopted is the online registration process. As with most newly introduced technology we anticipate some growing pains, however the board has agreed that this new process will provide us with more capabilities that focus on increasing customer service.

Additionally, now that the rosters have been released you will notice that we modified the names of our teams from 1 and 2, to black and orange. There were a few reasons for doing this but the one I believe has the most value is that we are all Cobras; therefor we will identify our teams by our colors, black and orange.

Finally, we have decided to merge back into the Greater Springfield League, in addition to the Granite State League, which means more games!

As the new president of the Keene Youth Hockey Club, and being relatively new to the club, I want to take a moment to give you some background on who I am. I am married, have three children (one of which is rostered on Pee Wee Orange as the goalie), a dog, 10 fish, 8 baby chickens, and the occasional bat that likes to hang out in our barn. I retired from the US Air Force in 2014 and currently work in Human Resources at Keene State College. I started my tenure with KYHC in the 2014-15 season as an assistant coach for the house mites. This past year I served as the head coach for the house mites, and I also served on the board of directors filling the role as the media relations manager.

While my time as a Cobras hasn't been long, I have the privilege of serving alongside longstanding members who have consistently dedicated themselves to our organization. We will continue this tradition and we welcome your feedback. Please reach out to your coaches and the board members, where appropriate, to ask questions or to make suggestions. If needed you can contact me directly at

This is going to be a fantastic year! See you at the rink!!


Thank you to all our players, their families, our coaching staff, and the volunteers who made our evaluation process a...

Posted by Keene Youth Hockey Club on Thursday, March 31, 2016

New summer offering at Keene ICE.

Posted by Keene Youth Hockey Club on Monday, March 28, 2016

MITE EVAL DATE CHANGE: Please note the date change for those who wish to be evaluated for the travel Mites. Instead of Sunday March 13th, the date will now be Wednesday March 16th at 5pm.


SQUIRT: 3/25 5-6pm, 3/29 5-6pm, 3/30 5-6pm

PEE WEE: 3/25 5-6pm, 3/29 6:10-7:10pm, 3/30 6:10-7:10pm

BANTAM: 3/25 6:10-7:10pm, 3/29 7:20-8:20pm, 3/30 7:20-8:20pm


BANQUET: Tuesday Mar. 22 6-8pm at Keene ICE

POT O’ GOLD TOURNAMENT: Fri-Sat-Sun, March 18-20, Union Arena Woodstock, VT

EVALUATIONS: (all at Keene ICE)

Mite Travel:
Sunday March 13th, 8:30-9:30am

Friday March 25th, 5-6pm
Tuesday March 29th, 5-6pm
Wednesday March 30th. 5-6pm

Friday March 25th, 6:10-7:10pm
Tuesday March 29th, 6:10-7:10pm
Wednesday March 30th, 6:10-7:10pm

Friday March 25th, 7:20-8:20pm
Tuesday March 29th, 7:20-8:20pm
Wednesday March 30th, 7:20-8:20pm


Please visit our KYHC Coaching Page under the Program Info tab.  Fill out the required form and email it to

Get your official Keene Pot of Gold 2016 t-shirts! The online store is only open until Monday, February 29. Once closed, these shirts will never be made again!

Posted by Keene Youth Hockey Club on Friday, February 26, 2016


Division A

Game 1
Manchester Flames (1)
Berlin (0)

Game 3
Keene Cobras (4)
Berlin (1)

Game 5
Manchester Flames (4)
Keene Cobras (1)

Division B

Game 2
Oyster River (4)
Manchester Monarchs (3)

Game 4
Upper Valley (2) 
Manchester Monarchs (3)

Game 6
Oyster River (5)
Upper Valley (3)


Game 7
Manchester Flames (4)
Manchester Monarchs (1)

Game 8
Oyster River (4)
Keene Cobras (3)

Final Game
Manchester Flames (4) CHAMPIONS!!!
Oyster River (1)

LOOKING FOR NEW BOARD MEMBERS: If you are interested in taking a more active part in the future of the Cobras, please contact our club vice president Andy Haas at There is a $100 incentive that comes out of your fund raising option for coming to at least 6 monthly meetings of the year.

Get your official Keene Pot of Gold 2016 t-shirts! The online store is only open until Monday, February 29. Once closed, these shirts will never be made again!

Posted by Andrew S Haas on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dear Members:

We have learned today that a former coach in our program is currently under investigation for alleged crimes against children and has been arrested on related charges. We have taken necessary steps to remove the coach immediately from our program and to prevent him from having access to our members at the rink. USA Hockey’s SafeSport program and the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association are also taking actions to assist us in protecting our members.

We have no information at this time that any of our members have been victims or otherwise involved in this situation and no members of our club have raised any concerns about the former coach. While the ongoing nature of the legal investigation limits the amount of information that can be made available to us, we anticipate hosting a general information session coordinated with the Keene Police Department in the coming days.

Parents are encouraged to take this opportunity to have discussions with your children about safety and appropriate behavior of adults. If you have any information related to this case, please contact Detective Mike O’Donnell at 603.357.9813.

This investigation will certainly draw the attention of various media outlets. Keene Youth Hockey is not able to make any additional statement pertaining to this case at this time. Concerns or questions should be directed to Josh Jarvis Josh will be the Club’s contact person on this subject.

Keene Youth Hockey Club will continue to take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our members and their enjoyment of the game.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support,

Laura Lama

New flyer from our friends at Keene ICE. KYHC's 2015-16 season is drawing to its end. Continue through the Spring with this weekly offering!

New flyer from our friends at Keene ICE. KYHC's 2015-16 season is drawing to its end. Continue through the Spring with this weekly offering!


If you have not yet received your photos please email

Pictures will be available today at Keene ICE. Please check with your coaches.

NOR'EASTER INBOUND! With the anticipated winter storm due to arrive early this weekend, please monitor this page, our facebook page, and for updated information regarding cancellations. Communication from our coaching staff is expected to come first, but we will try to spread information in as many modalities as possible. Stay safe and stay warm!

JERSEY NUMBERS - Christmas is a popular time to purchase jerseys so we want to remind everyone about the policy for player number assignments. All players born in odd years can choose an odd jersey number. All players born in even years can choose an even jersey number. You must check with either your coach, or a board member for number availability. Traditionally, once a number is assigned, it sticks with them during their membership with our club. No duplicates are allowed on the same team. Numbers are also posted on the rosters located on our webpage.

KEENE ICE IS NOW HIRING! Positions include: Zamboni drivers, Pro-Shop, Concessions and Front desk help as well as Rink Guards. For more information or an application email

Want to get involved?

Keene Youth Hockey Club is always looking for coaches and volunteers. If you have hockey experience and a willingness to share your love of the sport, please contact club president Laura Lama or any board member on the KYHC website.

Golf Outing Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to a lack of participation, this year's Golf Outing is cancelled.  KYHC would like to thank the following people who made a good push for this event to happen.  First, Keene Country Club for being the host of the event.  Second, our fundraising manager, Chris Callahan.  And certainly to all those who helped in any way, including sponsors, parents, and friends of our organization, thank you!  Your support is very much appreciated.  We are already discussing a plan for next year's event, including having the event on a weekend instead of a weekday.  For more information regarding this cancellation, please contact Chris Callahan at

Players Wanted!

There are still vacancies on some of our teams.  Currently we are looking for players born 2003 and later.  This is an exciting time for KYHC with the new arena only a few months away from being ready.  Please spread the word and let's see if we can recruit some new Cobras!

Keene Sentinel Article on Squirts

This is a link to the article in the Keene Sentinel about the Squirt 1 and Squirt 2 State Tournaments